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Hi, I'm Will Carruthers and this is my website. I played bass in Spacemen3, Spectrum, Spiritualized, the Brian Jonestown Massacre and Dead Skeletons. I played in quite a few other bands too, but I don't really do that anymore. I write books sometimes and I am a bookbinder. Sometimes I like to do a bit of painting. Some of the stuff I make might be available in the shop on this website. If you want, (very occasional),  news from me, please sign up to the mailing list.

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  My latest book, Playing the bass with three left hands is published by Faber and Faber. You can buy it from all good bookstores or you can get a copy through Amazon.co.uk or through Amazon.com if you live in North America.    

 I reckon the book is mainly gibberish, containing as it does;  fireballs that smell of lavender, sweaty eggs at Watford Gap, a deaf nun, and a rusty tin of feet-go-cold spray that was never meant for human consumption. It starts off pretending to be an imaginary viking and ends up not shooting someone with a longbow. Given the circumstances we might consider that to be a happy ending.  

Famed Northampton wizard Alan Moore (V for vendetta, watchmen, et al) said this about the book. 

""In these front line despatches from the arse end of Satori, Will Carruthers nails perfectly the glorious shimmer and swoon rising out of the unspeakable lifestyles of alternative Rugby, and demonstrates how something bordering on the sacred can emerge from the hilariously, painfully profane. Written with a naked honesty, Playing the Bass with Three Left Hands expertly captures the sticky textures of a place, a time and a sound that will never be repeated. It is a chronicle of hepatitis and heroism that no one interested in the music of transitioning centuries can afford to miss. Buy this immediately."

You wouldn't want to argue with a wizard would you? 

I am also made some handmade, signed and numbered copies of the book. These have been hand stitched, lino printed and they sold the fuck out.   More information about the making of the handmade books is at this link Notification of further book availability will be sent through the mailing list , But I am not making anymore of these.  No spam.


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I write books and sometimes I make books...Read more

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“Frequently veering from the sublime to the ridiculous and rarely lacking a sense of humour about the whole thing, he has travelled the world performing his peculiar balancing act between artistic endeavour and hard labour. Often without a safety net."  Read more ...







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