Spacemen3 / Spiritualized/ Spectrum. Studi0 and live, cassette tapes from 1989/91/ from Vhs studios in Rugby

I’m having a bit of a clear out of my archives. I am sure you are aware, as I am, that the items I will be listing are rare and difficult to value, although with old spacemen3 t-shirts currently selling for over eight hundred pounds I hope you will appreciate the scarcity and value of what I have on offer here. Please make contact with me through this site if you would like further information on any of these items and ONLY if you have a serious offer to make. Thanks for your understanding.

Will Carruthers.

First up.

A rather unassuming box containing thirty cassettes-to be sold as one lot

Many from VHS studios in Rugby. The cassettes contain recordings of odd mixes, backing tracks, early versions and other treasure from the Lazer Guided Melodies, Recurring, and Sonic Boom, Spectrum sessions down at VHS in Rugby. There are also tapes of some live concerts and a very early Spiritualized rehearsal, (the second ever, in about 1990). Not completely sure what’s in the box and I am not listening to thirty cassettes to try and find out. You can do it. 

Here are some pictures

So far, so boring.

VHF studios was housed in a small and unassuming looking building on an industrial estate, close to the train station in Rugby. Perfect prescription was made there, Playing with Fire was mixed there, Recurring was recorded there, most of Lazer Guided melodies was recorded there and also the first Sonic Boom album.

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Will Carruthers