A spoon for the air


Having injured myself with an unwise combination of grappa and Icelandic wrestling after a tour with Dead Skeletons, I decided it might be time for a little rethink. I learned to bind books whilst nursing torn ligaments and staring into the truth of time.

This is the video that got me started.  

I didn't have any special bookbinding tools, so I improvised with bits of old Ikea furniture and stuff that was laying around in the street. The first decent book took me two months to make. After that I speeded up the process a little bit... 

Amazingly, I managed to make a hundred books at my kitchen table. The book is called "A spoon for the air".  I made some lino cuts and used them to hand print the cover and the pictures that were bound into the books. 



 Here is one that made its way to Addis Ababa.

spoon addis ababa.jpg



Here is the last of the books coming out of the book press and a reading of the largely autobographical "Auld Willie Fork Dick" 

Here is a reading of the final poem in the book ...with Cheeky the cockatiel keeping an eye on the proceedings while preening. Thankfully she refrained from crapping on my shoulder.


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