A book of jobs - pdf

A book of jobs - pdf


A digital version of my first book of short stories. There are a couple of extracts from "Playing the bass with three left hands" in this book...just so you know. 

Here are  twenty one (roughly) autobiographical stories concerning my time in factories and on building sites, whilst playing with some notorious and ground breaking bands.

It contains eighty five thousand words, (that's book sized), lovingly arranged into the best possible order, with a cast of characters and situations including :

A plutonium factory, badgers, playing the bass with three left hands, fireballs. the ghosts of dead navvies, Millicant Dalton, the northern lights, a giant turd,(possibly belonging to Jimmy Page), Midland meat packers, sleeping under a hedge eating nuts and berries, life with dead skeletons, poaching a thousand eggs, a very loud cow, Reassuring Dave, robot snipers, a deranged imp, real life Tetris, the lead content of paint, a river of piss, Oasis at Knebworth, a winking fox, the ghost of Billie Holiday ... and some other stuff. 

It's a merry and largely good natured romp through the blunt end of the deregulated labour market of the late eighties, nineties, and beyond, presented for the discerning reader in digestible and minimal attention span pleasing chunks. There are also some band stories.



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