I have helped make some music in the past but I am bit sick of it now to be honest. Plus, my ears are fucked so I have an excuse.

Here is a list of 33 bands, (or people), I've played live or recorded with. Some of them aren't really real in the traditional sense of the word.

The brian jonestown massacre
dead skeletons
the jazz butcher
fuxa/the telescopes
The guaranteed ugly
dope aviators
flowers of hell
serious matters
confuse disorientate and destroy
koolaid electric company
the cogs of tyme
silver apples
thee headcoats ...(once)
number one lucky laughing panda tear soup
the mercury cure
the peoples revolutionary choir
white noise sound
ps i love you
lobster rock tokyo
Bill Drummond
the standing babas
the shift
BOBB ... 
black light sex labyrinth


Here I am singing a little song with the Brian Jonestown Massacre.



Here is a slightly gentler song under a tree in Berlin. Warning: Contains gurning.









I used to play the bass quite a bit.

I don't play the bass so much these days. I am waving goodbye to it ...with all three hands and both of my ringing ears.


Will Carruthers